Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded by 7 Jewish Women; Ida Beck Carlin, Lee Reis Leibert, Helen Phillips Lipman, Rose Gerstein Smolin, Rose Salmowitz Marvin, Stella Strauss Sinsheimer, and Augustina “Tina” Hess Solomon; on October 24, 1909 at Barnard College in New York City. The founding sisters of AEPhi dreamed of forming a sorority where exceptional women of all backgrounds, religions, interests, and varying beliefs would be welcomed with open arms. This sorority would endeavor to foster lifelong friendship, sisterhood, academics, social involvement and community service, all the while providing a home away from home for its members.

Our chapter was founded nationally in 1909, and locally at Boston University in 1951. Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded on the principles that make up our three pillars: philanthropy, scholarship, and sisterhood. The mission of our sorority is to inspire and support exemplary women dedicated to friendship and a lifelong commitment to Alpha Epsilon Phi. Our motto, "multa corda, una causa" ("many hearts, one purpose") encompasses the strong bond of sisterhood felt by all sisters of the Alpha Chi chapter.




We are Lynna and Leslie Klaidman and we are the Chapter Advisors for the Alpha Epsilon Phi Chapter at Boston University. One or both of us have been advising the chapter for the past 30 years and during that time, we have been fortunate to work with hundreds of chapter members through their four years of college, starting with their time as new members. Not only do we support chapter officers with their responsibilities, but we also discuss individual problems with members and try to give personal guidance. Although we sometimes have difficult conversations with actives who are delinquent in their financial obligations to the chapter or have not met the standards expected of an AEPhi sister, with many sisters being away from home during their time at BU, we often find ourselves giving motherly advise and friendship to chapter members

Although we can spend hours a week working with chapter members on top of our actual adult lives that include jobs, spouses and children, we willingly give our time because the women of this chapter are truly PHInomenial. We attend chapter meetings, events, and other major milestones with the sisters and are always made to feel as if we are part of the chapter. Recruitment is always a special time for us as we welcome the future of the chapter and are able to be part of the new member's journey from their first day in the chapter to their last.  We also take joy in the chapter elections of officers as we see sisters who have grown within the chapter want to give back through their commitment to their sisters. 

It is important that members are having fun and enriching experiences and we as advisors do all that we can to offer professional leadership and management that provide continuity to the chapter’s operations and long-term success.  We are all sisters tied together with our share values and we feel fortunate to play a part in our member's sorority experience.  We love AEPhi and the sisters of the Alpha Chi Chapter at BU!




My experience at Boston University completely changed in February of 2017 when I decided to go through the recruitment process. Although the days were long and stressful, the moment I stepped into the room full of the AEPhi girls, I felt completely at home. There was something about the feeling in that room at the Marriot Hotel that allowed me to feel as though I truly belonged there. I could immediately feel the strength of the friendships and the genuine bonds of sisterhood. I have made my best friends through AEPhi and because of that, I have found my home at BU.

To me, the sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi are my sisters, best friends, confidants, and future bridesmaids. To Boston University, they are leaders, tutors, athletes, musicians, tour guides, performers, and so much more.

I am so grateful for everything that Alpha Epsilon Phi has given me. I highly encourage you all to #GoGreek and find your home because it will lead you to your best friends and an unforgettable college experience! I am so lucky to have found my home at BU and to be surrounded by the most incredible women! Thank you, AEPhi!!!


Lexi Glicksman



Both our Executive and General Board work very hard all year long to ensure that our sisters are displaying our beliefs in all that they do by strengthening our sisterhood, supporting one another, excelling academically, and striving for greatness, both individually and as a chapter. 

Check out the pictures below to meet our phabulous officers! 



Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters are active in a wide range of community service and philanthropic activities. Through thousands of service hours and fundraising efforts that benefit AEPhi’s two official philanthropies, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Sharsheret and many other local and national charities, AEPhi’s demonstrate that they are “dedicated to selfless service and inspiring others.”


Sharsharet Breast Cancer Foundation

The sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi are dedicated to spreading breast cancer awareness and raising funds for Sharsheret Breast Cancer. Sharsheret is a nation-wide organization which brings together women from all around the country who are battling breast cancer.  Providing emotional and financial support, Sharsheret has grown into an incredible organization that helps thousands of women win the fight against breast cancer.  


Learn more about Sharsharet and how you, too, can help fight Breast Cancer at


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Elizabeth Glaser is a life long sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion.  Unknowingly, Elizabeth passed on the virus to her daughter Ariel through breast feeding.  At the time, there was limited research and understanding in the field of pediatric AIDS, and after a few short years, Ariel lost her battle with AIDS.  Elizabeth then dedicated her life to spreading awareness about pediatric AIDS, and after AIDS took her life in 1994, she left behind an outstanding organization devoted to preventing pediatric HIV infection.


Learn more about Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation at




A Letter From Colette and Kate:

Hi! We are the heads of Philanthropy for the Alpha Chi Chapter of AEPhi here at Boston University.

We love philanthropy because it humbles us. So often we live our day to day lives and forget to remind ourselves of the things that we’re grateful for. Becoming so involved with philanthropic work has helped us realize that it’s our duty to use our privilege of good health and opportunity to help others, such as those we support in our efforts for Sharsheret and the EGPAF. We think our chapter values our philanthropies so much not only for this reason, but also because it feels good to do good. Our philanthropy events are great for sister bonding, and especially when it’s for an amazing cause. It is such a rewarding position and we feel beyond lucky and honored to fill this role. 



"From Atlantic to Pacific, sisters all we stand. Pledging faithfully our friendship, sister, take my hand!"


Here at AEPhi, we pride ourselves on having the strongest sisterhood at Boston University! From apple picking to slumber parties, each semester is filled with phun bonding events that we always look forward to.

Going to a school as big as ours, in a city as big as Boston, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Through AEPhi, we have met our best friends who help alleviate feelings like that.

Our sisters are the girls who celebrate each others successes but are also there to cry with each other when we fail. The immediate, unconditional support and love that we receive from each other is truly unparalleled.

These are the girls who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, the girls who handle every situation with complete confidence and grace. 





I love recruitment for countless reasons. The one that stands out the most to me is thinking about my own experience freshman year. I had the total opposite experience of what I expected, leaving that first day with a mindset I never thought I’d have. I remember walking into that first room of girls and a switched in me flipped on. I realized how ready I was to finally make friends and find my home here at BU. Recruitment allowed me to find what I was looking for by giving me Alpha Epsilon Phi and I will always be beyond grateful. It’s my goal give the potential new members that same experience so that they can find their homes too.


Alpha Epsilon Phi welcomes new members each Spring during Formal Recruitment, which takes place over four days! In order to ensure that potential new members are introduced to all of our chapters and are able to make an informed decision about which chapter is best for them, all ten national Panhellenic sororities participate in recruitment together.


The sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi look forward to meeting you and encourage you to attend Panhellenic's events and open houses throughout the year to learn more about us and the recruitment process. Make sure to find us at Splash, Boston University’s annual student activities fair on Nickerson Field in September 2020. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our chapter, please contact Nicole Elbeery, Vice President of Recruitment at